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The Bazaruto Tax Department: by Captain Duarte Rato

Bazaruto Taxman

In flat calm weather, our last day with the Brakes started with a bang when we hooked up on a crazy flying 180-pound Black Marlin literally 10 minutes after setting the spread. Luckily the small fish took the shotgun lure on the stand-up #50 and Richard Brake had a ball fighting the fish to the boat for a release. We did not see another Marlin for the day but did get a bunch of Yellowfin tuna, some of which were taxed. Just before lines in we had a double YFT hookup on the bait rods and when Billy´s one was taxed he ended up hooking the shark which he brought in for a release after 45 minutes. Not too shabby considering he was using a small bait rod with a TLD 25!!! So great trip with the Brakes who will be back for some more Bazaruto action in mid December!!!

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