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19 June 2021 Sardine Report: TUNA in da NETS!

19 June 2021 Sardine Report: TUNA in da NETS!

TUNA in da NETS! Unbelievably, our mate Alex sent in some unbelievable footage of a shoal of yellowfin tuna being caught in a net! And then being released! This must surely be due to some sort of bycatch law (acknowledgements Darrell Hattingh) because those tuna taste way better than them sardines in that same net!

But the main message that the 19 June 2021 Sardine Report carries, is…


Imagine one of those bombers on your favourite spinning stick. You would need at least 50lb to be in with a chance. But a fish of a lifetime, oh yes. A yellowfin of any size, off the bricks, is one helluva tasty trophy. Walk a popper or a spoon, up and down the inside channels for garrick, shad and kingfish. And get your MYDO SS Spoon out just past the waves to be in for the queen of all gamefish – the Queen Mackerel. Aka Natal Snoek. The most amazingly beautiful fish all round.

And right within reach right now.

Sardine Report in Video

Garrick have also been playing the game. Hence the featured pic of Matt Defillipi and a bomber taken at the Sandspit in Port Shepstone. Right near the Umzimkulu Marina.

19 June 2021 Sardine Report
19 June 2021 Sardine Report: Matt Defillipi at the Sandspit in Port Shepstone

And the sardines are literally everywhere!

Just hit your favourite beach and set ambush.


Thank you!

As for the rest of the 2021 Sardine Reports, I cannot thank you guys enough for making this all possible. Riaan, Alex, Daniel, Jason, Darrell, Adam, Yushan, Quentin, Digby, Ant, Marc, Brucifire (gone gallivanting again) …and the list goes in and on actually.

And then to all the new subscribers and members, a HUGE welcome from the team at The Sardine News. We will keep you informed and up-to-date each sardine season.

And the rest of the time we do surfing, fishing and diving news.

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