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Jason Morkel gets right in on the action. Zambezi Sharks don't scare him!

Sonar tagging Zambezi Sharks with Calum Murie

Sonar tagging Zambezi Sharks: Calum Murie could have been anything. But he chose to spend his life chasing huge sharks around with sonar tag in hand, ready to abuse the first full grown Zambezi Shark he sees. In the name of science, research and conservation, Calum’s motivation for this career path runs deep and his […]

Why fishermen should stay humble – by Brandon Parsons

Why fishermen should stay humble – by Brandon Parsons “After landing your first few really big sharks and fish in your life – your confidence builds and builds – until that day…” – Brandon Parsons Feeling strong enough to handle whatever the ocean throws your way, out goes the bait – the perfect bait, perfect […]

Zambezi Shark on Rapala in the Umzimkulu

Zambezi Shark on Rapala in the Umzimkulu It was a beautiful afternoon and with our crew of 6 tourists from the Mantis and Moon Backpackers in Umzumbe, were in high spirits as we trolled two little Strike Pro Rapala imitations through the rising and jumping fish on the Umzimkulu River. At one stage, a huge […]

Grouper savaged by Shark at Praia do Conguina

Check this massive grouper found flailing in the low tide pools at Praia da Congiana near Tofo this morning. The young fisherman who fortuned upon the spectacle made even more of a show as he dragged it the full 3kms along the beach to the Tofo market! It’s value is about equal to 2months salary […]

Great White Tracking Project

Tracking Great Whites

For a fantastically eery experience, log onto Ocean Global Shark Tracker and see what a few Great Whites are doing right now. As of yesterday, Maddox, a 2000lb monster, was casually heading into the Maputo Bay area. Brenda Fassie and Louise were cruising the coast just south of Inhambane, a bunch of whites are swimming […]