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Heavy duty beach fishing equipment

Real cool beach fishing trolley rolling in

Real cool beach fishing trolley rolling in Check this real cool beach fishing trolley about to hit the market in South Africa. Made strong and sensible, these items really put you in the game on those long sessions beach fishing. Load your cooler. Your tackle box. You can put a beach umbrella in one of […]

The Best Gopro Clip Ever?

The Best GoPro Clip Ever? Surfline and Gopro have conspired to bring us the challenge of best GoPro surfing clip shot between 1 May 2014 and 31 September 2014, for a grand prize of $20 000! The entry above, by Benji Weatherly at Donkey in Namibia, will be extremely difficult to beat. Where else you […]


Fish with Captain Duarte Rato...A few 1000lb fish boated by mistake, mostly tagged and released/ dudas7mares@gmail.com or + 258 82 805 716 / + 258 84 639 0466

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