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It most certainly is Yellowfin Tuna time here in Mozambique

Yellowfin Tuna time in Mozambique

Yellowfin Tuna time in Mozambique Fresh in from Bazaruto Island: Captain Duarte Rato has been hard at all February, and rounds it all off with a fantastic trip he got together with his Dad and his son. Spanning three generations, the effort was serious enough, but with the help of Duarte Jnr’s mom Gretha, those […]

The view from the conference and staging area at Casa Frenzy

Croc Rock just out from Casa Frenzy

Croc Rock just out from Casa Frenzy Enjoy a great little video shot by Artsurfer.nl on a recent trip to Casa Frenzy. She was diving with Diversity Scuba in Tofo. More about Casa Frenzy… Casa Frenzy, a beautifully designed and built beach house, half way between Barra and Tofo – right on the beach – is […]

Survey in Pomene: departing at the beautiful Barra Reef Divers launch

Deep sea fishing Barra

Deep sea fishing Barra Deep sea fishing Barra waters can be a bundle of fun. It is very user friendly and features a few launch options. At Neptunes Bar on the ocean side of the Whitesands peninsula, is a great launch spot used by Barra Reef Divers. And when the little shorbreak turns nasty, tow […]

Tofinho to Barra surf fishing

Tofinho to Barra surf fishing in Mozambique

Tofinho to Barra surf fishing Walking the 3km stretch Tofo and back from our lodge in Praia do Congiana, put us right in the action every day. And this day was extra special. As we walked past the exposed rocks and made our way past the sandy channels, I spotted the first one. A bonefish! […]

Fishing Barra

Fishing Barra, Inhambane, Mozambique

Fishing Barra Although a fraction, a tiny fraction, of what it used to be, Barra can still shine as a fishing destination. A half century ago, Barra would have been an unbelievable spectacle. Dugongs and dolphins would have vied to top spot in a myriad of natural marine wonders. Shoals of fish and squid. Predators […]

Shipspotting with AIS

Shipspotting with AIS If you are smart enough to run a smart phone, then you just can’t be dumb enough to get bored…ever again. Take this ship for example… Just buzz on over to marinetraffic.com, zone in on your carpark, and see the names and even missions, of all those hunks of metal cruising the […]

Whitesands Holiday Specials in Barra

Whitesands Holiday Specials in Barra If you have never been to Whitesands at the very end of the fantasmical Barra Peninsula in Southern Mozambique, this is your chance! With the ocean on one side, and the huge Inhambane Bay on the other, there is something here for everyone. The newly famous African Kirra surf spot […]

Kayaking Barra with Lalaland

Kayaking Barra with Lalaland Staying at Lalaland kind of gives you everything. Peace and quiet. Beach and sun. And yet you are so close to all the offerings Inhambane has to offer… Lalaland hosts Chad and Heidi make a point of facilitating anything you need around the Tofo area. Horseriding. Inhambane town tours. Ocean Safaris. […]

Netted Whale Shark: Oh so that’s what’s been happening…Duh?

Netted Whale Shark: Oh so that’s what’s been happening…? Duh? So, since I started working in the Inhambane waters, 7 years back…I would say the decline in whale shark encounters I have had, has been about 90%. I mean, this whole last trip myself and Roosta just did, for 12 days, Ponto D’ Ouro to Pomene, […]

IGFA reports new world record King Mackerel

IGFA reports new world record King Mackerel (Scomberomerous Scevalla) Well it ain’t the ‘couta  we get, according to science, but it sure looks like an outsized but slightly skinny Scomberomberous Commersoni – the version of King Mackerel we catch in Southern African waters. Unfortunately, although our species has a strong will to survive and has been increasing in […]