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Michael Wright Wahoo
Michael Wright Wahoo
Michael Wright Wahoo. 


Something for the sardine…

We just had our first charter with Michael Wright from the States. The water is still on the colder side and there is not much bait or birds around and surface activity was almost nil. To top it off we had horrible weather for all 5 days, especially the last 3 when the swell was over 3 meters. We did raise 4 Black Marlin and hooked two up to 400 pounds, unfortunately both fish pulled the hooks.
The sharks were also all over the place and we hooked a few hammerheads, Zambezi´s and dusky´s on most of the live baits we used. We did catch some YFT, dorado and skipjack and especially some BIG wahoo up to 30 kg´s to make up for the slow fishing.

The water should start to warm up and the bite should fire up within the next couple of weeks…

Cheers mate,


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