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Perfect Launch at Ponta D Ouro

Ponta D Ouro Too Easy

Perfect Launch at Ponta D Ouro

Perfect Launch at Ponta D Ouro: arriving in Ponta D’ Oura after a five-year break and you can hardly see any change. There is hardly anything to report. Except for a few paved roads and a bunch more tourist establishments, the place has stayed exactly the same.

The same as it was 20 or even 30 years ago. The same beach vibe that begins at Ponta D Ouro – and never ends – here in Mozambique.

Diving and Dolphin Safaris

Dolphin safaris and dive boats filled with eager tourists depart from the shore break every day. There is a tidy fleet of dive boats and the odd sport fisher thrown in. The beach traffic starts early – before the sun on some days.

The conditions on this day were good. Really good. The bay at Ponta can become really troublesome when that incessant east wind funnels right in to that self same shore break.

The Launch

As you can clearly see from this perfect launch, there is a huge holding area. That you can use to get the boat right, and everybody comfortable. Then you can edge right up to the white water and simply wait for a break.

On this day any angle will do. The surf was coming out of the south at a gentle interval of about 8 or 9 seconds. Plenty time to weave a boat through and over the sandbank.

However, when the east wind whips at that nasty little close interval 6-second swell things get tricky. You might have to bash a few on the nose to get out. And if this swell gets over about 3 or 4 feet, launches are a helluva lot more challenging. If possible, at all, through those terrifying east gales. Or cyclone-generated swells.

Surf Launching Souther Africa Channel

This fun channel has been growing steadily. An appreciative audience that are learning by watching the many launches uploaded.

We are going to be uploading a lot more surf launches as we move into the good weather times.

You can check the channel out right HERE.

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