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Fishing Museum for Mozambique


Maputo, 6 Jun (AIM) – The Mozambican government has approved a decree
creating a Fishing Museum to preserve the nation’s scientific and cultural
heritage. The decision was taken during a meeting of the Council of
Ministers (Cabinet) on Tuesday.

The government spokesperson, Deputy Justice Minister Alberto Nkutumula, told
reporters after the meeting that the Fishing Museum will safeguard cultural
heritage through researching, collecting, preserving, conserving and
disseminating the history of fishing in Mozambique.

The Fishing Museum will exhibit artefacts along with examples of the main
fish stocks in national waters. It will also be responsible for carrying out
studies to retrieve historical and socio-cultural data and for recovering
and disseminating knowledge about the technical evolution of fishing.

To further its educational role, the museum will hold art exhibitions and
talks or seminars on cultural issues and gastronomy.

The Fishing Museum will be based in a building recently constructed in the
fishing port in downtown Maputo. The building was purpose built at a cost of
three million US dollars, funded by the Mozambican government in partnership
with the Norwegian government.


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