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Violence on Protea Reef!

The first drift yielded not a touch on our awesome spread of live baits. Until we reached the southern pinnacle on Protea Reef, off Shelley Beach. Funnily enough the first beating was taken on a plug with the drag set to 8kg’s the yellowfin swam around the boat as if it was still hunting. Only when it went right around us and behind the motors did it take off. Mike Stubbs and I wrestled the rod between the other sticks with the huge Finnor spinning reel smoking and screaming blue murder. The hooks pulled out on that blistering run and all of a sudden the bait sticks started screaming.

We were three sticks away dancing around the boat each with his own set of problems. Luckily mine came off and I was able to help gaff and boat the fish my Dad (Brian Lange) and Stubbs were fighting.
The moon was silver bright and we never needed a light as the sun disappeared in a sky of red and the fish went wild. Free jumping and swimming tuna all around the boat but the bigger ones were just being so violent as rod after rod screamed.
I was beaten up by a monster eventually handing the rod to Stubbs who in turn gave ot to my Dad until the line parted.
We hooked and battled many big tuna and luckily a few small ones which were easier to boat.
Protea Reef is an incredible place but very difficult to fish with a 3 to 4 knot current prevailing, huge sharks and jagged reef – not to mention the outsized fish. Even though the yellowfin seldom get over 35kg’s here, they fight double as hard in the shallower waters and tackling up is the only solution.

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Queenfish for Marc

Marc Lange happens to be my brother but this ain’t nepotism – it’s ‘mark’eting! The queenfish have been kind of scarce over the last few years so hopefully this a sign of a comeback for this incredibly agile and athletic fish. The Umzimkulu River mouth off Port Shepstone in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa used to be a hotspot, they hang in shallower water around open river mouths, moving up and down behind the backline hunting baitfish. They will take a trolled lure but the most fun is to be had with light tackle dropshot or spinning stuff. Marc prefers a gun.
Check out for some options on how to get at a tailwalking queenfish.