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Swan Surfing Kirra

Swan Surfing Kirra

Now how do you explain this?! Perhaps the black swan is so cognitive, they saw Kelly and crew ripping the place apart, whilst flying over, stopped to watch, and as soon as the famous break got uncrowded – out they paddled (uh flew…).

Kel Mills who lives in Kirra, shot and narrated the clip. 

From the website…

“Before European explorers had reached Australia, it was believed that all swans were white. Dutch mariner, Antounie Caen, was the first to be amazed at the sight of Australia’s Black swans on the Shark Bay in 1636. Explorer Willem de Vlamingh captured two of these creatures on Australia’s Swan River and returned with them to Europe to prove their existence. From that point on, black swans and Australia have been closely linked. During the nineteenth century, the original Western Australian colony was called “the Swan River Settlement.” In 1973, the black swan was officially proclaimed as the “bird emblem” of the Government of Western Australia and now appears on the state flag.”

Click here for more information on the surfing Black Swan of Australia…

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