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Surviving the heat: Barra to Linga Linga and back…

Co-ordinating the large crowd to our Barra mooring… Johnny English did a sterling job and had us under steam to Linga Linga at 11am.

The mid day sun tried to roast us on the hour long sail to Linga…but shade and excellent grilled chicken was waiting. Trolling lures never produced anything but we were treated to the amazing sight of a stingray flying through the air 3m high. Twice!
Great trip on the all new party boat -‘ Babalaza’. Powered by a twin cylinder Lister diesel, she rides soft and stable…with a draft of a few inches only!
Call us on +258 840 666 471 if you have a special occasion you’d like to make extra special. We can collect anywhere in the Inhambane bay…and can load entire kitchens with fridges if necessary.
Otherwise. The food at Linga Linga is great and the beer cold…a fantastic lunchtime break from the heat and action…

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