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Storm Surge Warning

Storm Surge Warning

Storm Surge Warning

Storm Surge Warning: around this time last year we had similar conditions to what is going to happen today. A massive south swell, generated from way down in the southern ocean, has hit Southern Africa. This angry sea and the storm surge it has brought with it, has elevated mean sea levels by 0.6 of a metre. This again, has coincided with another high-coefficient spring tide.

This already has spelt disaster in the Cape. From Gordons Bay to Port Alfred, the coast has been battered viciously. Cars floating in the street. People being swept away by vicious storm surges.


Yip, 5.1 magnitude, just behind poor old Madagascar. They really get hammered by all kinds of weather and ocean over there. This did not happen last year. And the earthquake shook it all up yesterday arvo at 4 pm. This means 14 hours have already transpired (as of this post). At 20 to 30 miles per hour (extremely slow tsunami), this comes to 350 Miles. Tsunamis travel a lot faster out at sea, they only slow to 20 or so mph, when they start dragging on shallow land. The quake quaked about 1500 miles away. So it is real to believe that the effects of the quake, if any, could be felt today sometime. NO TSUNAMIS have been reported or forecast. I have been checking. Some earthquakes don’t produce any waves at all.

But, this is a huge red flag and everyone should avoid going anywhere near the ocean today. I have never seen the effects of a magnitude 5.1 earthquake, on a 9m ocean swell, with a maxed-out spring high tide, before today.

All happening now!

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