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Sonny Mhoan’s Grunter

Sonny Mhoan with his Grunter
Sonny Mhoan with his Grunter

Fishing from the south wharf of the Umzimkulu River in Port Shesptone – quite close to the bridge, on a strong incoming tide – Sonny Mhoan hooked this 2.5kg (approximate) Spotted Grunter. The water pushing in through the mouth was clean and turbulent – ideal for these wily and strong-fighting fish. Further up the river, grunter were also coming out, aswell as some decent sized perch.

It’s a great time to be fishing the Umzimkulu as it warms up, and with no rains to speak of really, the water is still winter clean. There has been plenty spawning activity this year, and millions of tiny fish can be seen looking for cover around any structure.

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