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Shaun Reid kayak tuna fishing with Gummy – video

Kayak tuna fishing with Gummy lures. All applications covered

Shaun Reid kayak tuna fishing with Gummy – video

A great video – self-produced – by Shaun Reid, as he targets yellowfin tuna with a Gummy Squid Jig – on the surface, off the KZN coast. The action is non stop throughout the 4 minute video, and is expertly narrated by Reid, to be a helpful guide to fishing off a kayak / ski.

He can be visited at

and Gummy is at

The real treat comes in at the end of the video, as a huge Queen Mackeral comes in at a spoon on a flick stick, and Reid nails it for a 10 minute fight to the gaff!

Check out the new Mydo SS Lanispoon designed especially for Queen Mackerel and Bonito. These tiny spoons come rigged with power hooks as they get to work so hard. Big fish still smash small baits! These flashy little spoons will really increase your species spread, and overall catch. Small bonito and tuna can’t leave them alone. Juice them with some bait for extra action.

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MYDO SS Lanispoon 550. 650 and 900

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