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Shad as usual…and sardines in Southport

So the shad, hardy little survivors they are, are back on the KZN South Coast this season, on cue, and in relative numbers. The shad all but disappeared in the seventies, and strict measures put in place the Natal Parks Board of old, now Ezimvelo, brought them back.
There were no bag limits back in the day and the shad formed a big part of Natal people’s living and surviving. They were netted even! Out of the Durban Bay! All of them!
But the shad do represent a beacon of hope for the environment as they prove that with effective and timely management, we can look after our resources.
It wasn’t even a few years and the shad were back.


And today, shoals of sardines were being smashed in the backline in the Southport area. They looked like red eye sardines but who knows, maybe it’s the real deal?

So enjoy the shad fishing, sardine chasing, smooth seas and the good weather…

Don’t forget your angling license! And the bag and size limit.

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