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Senque Bom

Davey (Senque Bom) and Muki fishing off Baz…with Duarte…2 years ago…

…what a day they had…on board the good ship “Vamizi”…Nice one Davey!

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  1. Those were two great days in December 2009 with the guys from Sangue Bom, Dave, Chris & Mucky who I had invited to come up to get some shark underwater footage for their ´shiver documentary on shark fining in Mozambique.

    Well, we all got much more than we bargained for. We got some shark footage on the first day, on the second we got some EPIC Marlin fishing!!! Here’s an extract from my log book for that day, the 8th of December!

    Calm seas with a light breeze from the NE, water color with a bit of a greenish tint and 27.8c. We got a live YFT and skipjack before putting anchor at III trees pinnacle in 29 meters of water. The skipjack was chopped by a wahoo but we put the live YFT on the rigger and started to chum. Five minutes after the guys get in the water we get a strike and hookup on 700 Black Marlin. Chaos as the fish starts to run & jump while we have 3 guys in the water and an anchor rope to deal with. Chris got the UW footage of the bite which later clearly showed the fish was wrapped around leader. Dave got in chair but we pulled after 1h45. We put lures to troll back to the pinnacle and within 15 minutes miss a strike off a 300 pound fish on the LR express and then raise a 500 pound fish on the short but get no bite out of her. Spend three hours chumming at anchor on pinnacle but no sharks – had some epic light tackle drop shoot tough, catching some great bludger kingfish. On the way back to the lodge put some lures out and after missing a strike on a fish about 200, hook a similar size for Dave which we Tag & Release.

    A great day with great friends.

    We wanted to film sharks and ended up raising 5 Marlin, losing one about 700 lbs after 1h45 and releasing a 200 pounder, this in no more than 3 hours of Marlin fishing.

    Yup, that’s the magic of Bazaruto for you!!!

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