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Scuba Report by Jamie Edwards

The latest diving update covering the last few days here in Tofo. Visibility has been an amazing 25meters plus with just a slight hint of current! Water temperature has been a steady 25 degrees with the occasional warmer dive of 26 degrees. The wind has also been behaving itself lately thus allowing us some calmer and smoother boat trips. Some even better news however is that the Mantas are still up and about, with regular sighting on all of our reefs! Our Northern sites have been providing us with a couple of Sharks as well! Have had Whitetip Reef Sharks, Grey Reef Sharks and the occasional Leopard Shark. Once again there has been a large variety of Rays about and we have started seeing our amazing Smalleye Stingrays again! Manta Reef has also provided us with another Juvenile Ribbon Eel, always great to see some new ones out. Another discovery was made at Robs Bottom of two more Giant Frog Fish which then lead to an incredible experience with a Blue Marlin during our safety stop! On top of those magical encounters the Reefs themselves have been teaming with a large variety of marine life. Everything from schooling bannerfish, Snappers, Barracudas and Bigeye Trevally to Leaf Fish, Peacock Flounders, a few Banded Pipefish, the odd Stone fish and the rare Seagrass Ghost Pipefish! In other words the diving at the moment has been nothing short of spectacular so head on down to Diversity Scuba and enjoy a few days of diving with us! 🙂

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