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Sardine Sightings from 20 to 25 June 2021

Sardines sightings 2021: Greg Hill snapped us this photo of the action at Hibberdene this arvo

Sardine Sightings from 20 to 25 June 2021

Sardine Sightings from 20 to 25 June 2021: The following data is taken from our Sardine Run 2021 Interactive Map. Which you can click on over too right from HERE. Updated daily, we sure do miss a few. And as it gets busier, which it appears to be doing, we will miss a few more too.

But we get at least most of the sardine sightings. Which are all verified by our Sardine Spies stationed strategically up and the entire eastern seaboard of Southern Africa. And this paints a cool and pretty picture of the state of the sardine run as we go. This year anyway.

As you can see from the entries made since the 20 June 2021, we are having a cracker of a sardine run!

Sardine Sightings from 20 to 25 June 2021

20 June 2021 – 1:00pmYip, Margate again!
A proper shoal…just off the backline and moving north fast!
20 June 2021Southbroom!
Nets went in!
21 June 2021 – 7:00amDarrell Hattingh has just now reported nets going on a few nice shoals of sardines at the beautiful Hibberdene Beach.
Pics and video coming soon at
21 June 2021 – 3:00pmNets in at Oslo Beach!
More at and in video at
23 June 2021Amanzimtoti!
Sardine families have been checking in at ‘Toti for centuries. And this year is no different, albeit a bit late in the first wave.
Let’s see what the second and third wave brings!
A lot more on
23 June 2021Ballito finally!
The pilot shoals – the first wave, are steadily moving north. Although very thinned out by now as many, many sardines, have been eaten.
There are so many sharks, backed up by so many other marine wildlife team players, that us humans don’t even feature on the scoreboard!
23 June 2021Tinley Manor was visited by a big shoal today that just couldn’t make up its mind.
But for the most part stayed out deep seeking safety from the very many teeth out looking for them right now.
24 June 2021 – 9:30amWinkelspruit is wild!
Reported in by the Masterwatermen website crew at
This beach is getting most of the action this year it seems.
24 June 2021 – 9:30amScottburgh gets a visit from the sardines today. Details are coming in slowly but it looks like a good bet to get down south again today. If you are after sardines. Sharks too!
More at
24 June 2021 – 12:00pmA large shoal is just waiting on the backline to come in.
Clearly visible from the lookouts.
24 June 2021 – 11:00amAdam Kamdar sent in a video clip of a neat shoal taken here at Warners today.
You can see Adam’s video and many more by checking into 
25 June 2021 – 8:00amAcres of sardines confirmed off Umtentweni and moving north at a rapid rate. The fish are not in the breakers yet and are being murdered by predators.
Set your ambush in the Banana Beach and Pumula areas and you are sure to have a front row seat.
More at and
25 June 2021 – 8:00amSunrise sardines in the net on the beach at Pumula again.
There are medium sized shoals moving north all over the place on this fantastic winter’s day in the KZN South Coast.
More at
25 June 2021 – 10:00amRory Reen reports many, many sardines at the Umzumbe Flats right now.
More at
25 June 2021 – 7:00amSharks were smashing this backline shoal to pieces early in the morning.
The shoal was heading for Banana Beach and then presumably got bagged at Pumula an hour later, by netters waiting in ambush at that sardine friendly beach.
There is a lot more at
25 June 2021 – 10:45amGreg Hill from Cape Town is having a marvellous sardine run with a tally of six or seven snoek shot right out from under the noses of the swarms of sharks.
He is at Sunwich Port right now looking for a dive buddy (very hard to find these days), and reports a huge long stripe of sardines extending between beaches. With no sharks on them, says Greg!
More at
25 June 2021 – 1:00pmDarrell Hattingh in between dives reports of a 750m long shoal of sardines milling about the backline, waiting for the tide to come in.
Darrell also reports more sardines out to sea at about 300m out.
25 June 2021 – 1:00pmSardines netted at Suncoast.
25 June 2021  -1:00pmTeam Cherry got a nice net right in the heart of Durban.
Sardine Sightings from 20 to 25 July 2021
Sardine Sightings 2021: Suncoast at lunchtime
Sardine Sightings 2021: Suncoast at lunchtime

You can see the map by following this link to our 2021 Sardine Sightings Map.

You can watch our Sardine Run 2021 Series in video on our YouTube Channel right here. And which you can still Subscribe to for FREE! The playlist starts with our first video report with footage sent in to us from Mr Ant Nel in Port Edward. Way back on the 31 May 2021!

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