Build your own Surfboard (incl 3 weeks acc and surfing) – Wedge


Build your own Surfboard – Wedge surfboards and The Umzimkulu Marina host your for three weeks while you build your own dream surfboard, in the Wedge factory, under tutorship from Gary and Justin Maisch.

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Build your own Surfboard – Wedge

Build your own Surfboard – Wedge Surfboards build their craft out in the bush behind Umzumbe, our most consistent break down here on the South Coast of Kwazulu Natal. The area is infamous for it’s secret spots and tight crews…the inevitable result of a coastline littered with high quality and challenging waves.

Some breaks, like Saints down south, are mellow and many have reforms to inside shorebreak type waves that can be so much fun, even in an onshore. So it’s waves for everyone, and that is how we spend the first week with us on the south coast. Staying with us at The Umzimkulu Marina is stylish and convenient, with access to the ocean by river mouth or by road. You get to ride all of the Maisches latest innovations and configurations. At the end of this week, you will know exactly what you want for your type of surfing.

Then it’s all about the shaping bay as you and Gary hone your blank into the water slicing scythe it’s gonna become. By this time, you will be inspired by the art that has been painted into most Wedge surfboards, and you can get spraying. Best leave the glassing to the professionals, but you can lend a hand a learn as much as you can about this intricate art that is surfboard building.

Build your own surfboard

Choose between the many variable and innovative designs that Gary is infamous for, worldwide. The Wedge team have always produced strong and durable, cutting edge and futuristic performance surfboards. From the Disco Biscuits to the MPHs and beyond, there is a surfboard style and design perfect for you.

Now just come and make it!

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