MYDO Couta Spread

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MYDO Couta Spread

This is Gen-3 MYDO evolution. We have come a very long way from lead alloys, to modern composites. These MYDOs are far more vibrant. Articulate. Reliable. Adaptable. And just so much more fun!

Main thing is that they actually swim a bait. Literally bringing your bait back to life.

MYDO #3 Couta Trace Silver Bullet
MYDO #3 Couta Trace Silver Bullet


Has long been an art. And the domain of highly experienced anglers. Until Brian Davey invented the MYDO Baitswimmer. Back in 1986. Patented. Trademarked. Registered. And for three decades has enjoyed noteworthy success. At one stage, an independent study was carried out here on the deep-sea scene in Southern Africa. And identified that one-third of all fish caught in a deep-sea competition, on average, were caught on MYDOs.

You can read all about baitswimming and how to get that life back into your bait right here. That article is on the MYDO International website which is geared to work in dollars.

The Couta Spread

Has replaced the older Couta Pack. We have removed all other brands from the spread and everything is carried out in-house now. In Port Shepstone. This means we have also been able to reduce the price of this all-around gamefish spread.

What’s in the spread?

From the two tiny little strip baitswimmers, up to the 2-ounce heavy-weights, the entire water column is catered for. The stripswimmers go on the surface and quite far back – just out of the prop wash. These guys swim unbelievably realistically when dressed with a fresh strip of shiny fillet. Any fillet will do. You can tie the bait onto the trace for extra resilience. Sometimes the very same bait can fetch you multiple strikes.

The sardine swimming number 1 and 2 baitswimmers, can go in next. They drop down below the surface a couple metres so they work really well down the middle underneath the stripbaits on top. And then in the outer holders, you can set the big rigs. Baits up to 2kgs or more even.

Now at a slow troll, the slowest speed you can go and still keep the spread in place out the back, you can start fishing deep. At these very low speeds, the big baits will plummet right onto down to the reef. Attracting grouper and all sorts if you are not careful. Brace for the GT. Dogtooth.

Speed up a tad and the baits will come back up off the bottom and so by adjusting your speed and the length of line out, you can put baits exactly where you want them.

And then when a flock of terns start shouting ‘tunaaaa’ at you from a mile away, you can up the ante easily to 4 or 5 knots and the baits will continue to swim and perform perfectly. At these higher speeds, the baits swim even better. Use hardy baits like halfbeak or mullet at these speeds for best results. Watch out for the billfish!

MYDO Tackle Talk

On YouTube, we run a channel all about MYDOs and baitswimming. Check it out for some neat tips and advice on how to get your bait swimming and your reel screaming.

MYDO Tackle Talk


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    I founb exactly what I was looking for. Now they will be tested. Moz Dec.

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