Deep-Sea Port Shepstone (single)


Deep Sea Fishing off Port Shepstone. Gamefish, bottomfish and billfish.


Deep-Sea Port Shepstone

Deep-sea Port Shepstone: Port Shepstone is a fabulous fishing area known for its wide range of potential catches. It has varied conditions, mostly mild – and each season brings its own set of fish species to target.

Seasons and Species

Summer – billfish come through from November into February and then make another appearance in April/May. Dorado, king and queen mackeral, queenfish, kingfish, tuna, bonito…take our carefully prepared strip baits, live baits and lures.

Winter – salmon and garrick dominate winter months along the backline and shallower areas, whilst yellow fin tuna generally go up in size through the winter months. Yellowtail and Amberjack stay out on the deep reefs most of the time, but can be encountered shallower.

In winter time, the dry season, the annual sardine run happens big time. Everybody out there comes to this party!

Fishing System

Our fishing system for the Port Shepstone area involves looking for live bait and getting the livies to wherever the fishing is. Live baiting is generally the most exciting and productive and they can be caught on yozuri style jigs, spoons and dropshots and trolling small lures and feathers. To complement our live bait methodology, we use the MYDO range of Baitswimmers, Spoons and Luck Shot heads to ensure we work all the available water column. If the gamefishing is slow, anchoring and fishing light tackle for rockcod, soldiers, slingers and the like is so much fun!

You can find out more about what we use and how we fish at If you stay with us here at the self-catering waterfront Umzimkulu Marina, you will receive a considerable discount on all and any fishing trips. More fishing adventures available at Umzimkulu Adrenalin.

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