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NO Sardine Report 13 June 2022 – but the water temperature is dropping finally

13 June Sardine Report 2022 - water temp is dropping

NO Sardine Report 13 June 2022 – but the water temperature is dropping finally

Introduction: Why is the water temperature finally dropping?

Many factors are at play here. Upwellings from east winds. Countercurrents. More…which we do not understand fully at all. And the fact that this happened literally overnight is all the more amazing.

A wedge of cold water was moving up past East London yesterday and the day before. But the charts are showing none of it. Maybe this is a localised patch of cold?

Predictions for Sardine Run 2022

Things are really looking up with the water at 18.5 degrees in Port Edward this morning. The backline water is also cleaning up rapidly.

Some decent-sized shoals of sardines were hanging around Port Elizabeth this entire past week. Gannets were waiting in earnest ambush in the Qhora area. Deep Transkei.

In KZN, many shoals of red-eye sardines and mackerel can be spotted. This is a great relief since these guys were all missing completely around here. Right up until the last couple of days. Fact is, these baitfish also like clean water at around 19 degrees.

So the verdict from this Sardine Report 13 June…

So keep your eyes peeled!

Some scenes from LAST year…

What are the Potential Effects of Low Water Temperatures on Fishing?

Kob and garrick are known to love 19 degrees Celsius water too. Shad also don’t mind the cooler conditions. Even down to 17 and we are still in with a shout.

Cooler water is not a bad thing here in KZN during the sardine season.

? Tip: check out the MYDO web page at to get properly prepared for the upcoming fesitival of fishing. Spoons and dropshots will be the order of the day. Over the next few lovely months.

To get out there amongst the action – Umzimkulu Adrenalin in Port Shepstone is on stand-by for you right now.

Stay with us on the south coast during the idyllic winter weather this place is renowned for. Umzimkulu Marina and Spillers House are both on the water of the Umzimkulu Estuary in Port Shepstone, KZN.

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