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Moz fishermen to receive government loans…

Fishermen to receive government loans

7 November 2012

Over two hundred fishery projects in Mozambique will next year receive loans for the production, preservation, processing, transportation and marketing of fish, under a programme implemented by the Institute for the Development of Small Scale Fisheries (IDPPE). The loans will be given to 30 communities in Gaza province, 15 in Inhambane, 50 in Sofala, 20 in Zambezia, 40 in Manica, 40 in Cabo Delgado and seven in Nampula. In addition, over a thousand people will receive training throughout the country in subjects such as the use of fishing gear, aquaculture, fish processing, salting and drying techniques, and boat building. One of the biggest problems facing fishermen is that without capital to invest in fish processing and storage the catch has to be sold shortly after landing. The programme is intended to address this issue. Another aspect of the programme is the provision of over a hundred motorised fishing boats to encourage fishermen to move away from the coast in an attempt to reduce the pressure on fishery resources and coral reefs. About 85 per cent of Mozambique’s total fisheries production comes from artisanal fishermen, directly or indirectly employing about 300,000 people.

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