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Margaruque Wahoo Strike

Captain Gallop and the Wahoo

Margaruque Wahoo Strike

Margaruque Wahoo Strike by Robin Beatty.

Another great catch off Margaruque this time by Captain Gallop (aka Robin Beatty), deep off the islands on an amazing pinnacle full of these angry fish. They destroyed 6 of our live skipjack before we wised up and targeted one or two ‘Hoo. Captain Paul Saayman skippering his boat Shades of Blue got us onto the fish.

Wahoo are reputed to get 75kmh, and their strike is legendary. But once you get the toothy monster aboard, that’s when things get even more crazy.

Trying to get a photo of the wahoo whilst it still had it’s lights on, I hoisted the fish and got whacked in the arm by it’s tiny front teeth, never mind the lashers further back, where my other hand was – trying to control the angry animal.

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