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Joshua Kahn: square tailed kob in the Umzimkulu

Brothers Dylan and Joshua’s dad Barry took a day charter on the Umzimkulu on Tuesday. The high tide was magnificent as it pushed clean blue seawater right up the estuary – we could see the bottom in some places – very rare conditions indeed.

As we approached Spillers Wharf to collect them, a young chap was screaming and signalling for help. It wasn’t clear what he was going on about until a rod and reel sped past our bow! The kid had left his drag on too tight, a grunter had taken his sardine bait, and the rod and reel went flying off the bank! We gave chase, rescued the rig, and gently towed the fish back to bank, where the kid took the rod and promptly slack-lined and therefore lost the very nice fish?!

So. We started trolling 2 small rapalas and a MYDO baitswimmer #1 with a fillet, around the mouth area. As we passed the mouth on another circle – 2 rods went at the same time – a foul up must be! But no, after the first line broke, the other kept screaming as we turned the boat and gave chase against the huge influx of water. Eventually we got over it only to find we had hooked another line, which had a fish on it!

With no choice, crewman John van Reenen had to handline the fish as it zigzagged across the sandbank – the hook eventually pulling out?!

With such an otherwise start, as the tide moved into slackwater, we decided to head up to the deep hole near the haunted house – Roysten’s – and settle in for the water to start moving back out. We fished really hard, changing baits continually between prawn, sardine and chokka – but nothing came our way.

Dylan and Joshua and a square tailed kob.
Dylan and Joshua and a square tailed kob.

However, after many hours of fruitless toil, as it got dark, the fish came alive. Joshua’s dad hooked him a square-tailed kob which he carefully released after the photo…Barry almost got another one…and then it was home time. With Joshua at the helm, huge swirls from big fish and even dorsal fins cutting the glassy surface had us inspired all over again. Watch this space!

Joshua Kahn at the helm...
Joshua at the helm…

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