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Jamie Edwards Scuba Report – Tofo

Jamie Edwards posted in DIVERSITY SCUBA

Hi all, just wanted to share some more diving information with everyone. Since the last report we have mostly kept our diving to the Southern sites. This includes the likes of Manta Reef, Rob´s Bottom and Kingfisher. Good news is that the Mantas are still about! However it is not just the larger marine life that has made our dives special of late but also the smaller guys as well. At the moment we have been lucky to see the Seagrass Ghost Pipefish on most dives, also a couple of Giant Frog Fish. We also have found the Weedy Scorpion Fish again at Kingfisher! A few Ribbon Eels have also been sighted, especially some new ones at Rob´s Bottom. The fish life has been amazing of late as well, a variety of schooling fish, loads of Potato Groupers and huge free swimming Honeycomb Moray Eels! The visibility has cleared up immensely and the water temperature has been steady at about 25 degrees. Just have a question for everyone relating to yesterdays dive, has anyone seen a black Garden Eel before?

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