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Hyacinth in trouble at Banana Beach

Today sees a bigger and more organised onslaught against the invader plant Hyacinth that has all but throttled the Banana Beach river and river mouth.
There is also going to be an ideas and planning session, where anyone can offer help or resources.
So far there have been some positive suggestions with solutions ranging from Rhodes Universities hyacinth devouring weavel, to purpose designed chemicals that don’t affect the environment.
But for now it’s just going to be another hard days work in the polluted water. Sewage reportedly flows freely into the closed river at times and its this that is also blamed for the proliferation of the hyacinth in the first place.
More on that as we go…don’t forget to Savlon up after the session.
In the meantime, a few pics taken this morning of the Banana Beach river mouth…the ‘Indian Rope Trick’ did a marvellous job of keeping at least a section of the river open for fish to move around in.


1 thought on “Hyacinth in trouble at Banana Beach

  1. The first volunteer today here is very little Savannah amped to provide encouragement.

    The ‘Indian Rope Trick’ held the aliens at bay nicely this week.

    The pile is piling up…it stinks a bit but just seems to dry up in the sun.

    OK, so it’s all on down on Banana Beach today… see you here!

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