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Fishing on Honeymoon!

Theo, Sean and Paul...yellowfin tuna, yellowfin kingfish...king mackeral.For the pan!
Theo, Sean and Paul...yellowfin tuna, yellowfin kingfish...king mackeral. For the pan!

Theo and his new wife joined us for a week at Eco-Lodge in Tofo, mid December 2011. After hammering the queen mackeral at Linga, the next day dawned beautiful (for a change), and we headed south to Praia da Rocha, hoping for a whale shark and a kingfish.
Crystal clear water sometimes works against us I think, and after trolling the back reefs and finally getting a bonito for a live bait, we settled in to a slow rhythm south. By the time we got to Da Rocha, a couple of hours, with not a strike, I had enough, so pulled the bonnie in and let it go – hoping rather to find a queen mackeral or two on the backline, higher speed shallow troll, back home.

No sooner than I get all the Rapalas and stuff out – bang goes the X-Rap 10, light blue – and we finally get a fish to eat, albeit quite small. A yellowfin kingie.
Then we pull off again, round Tofinho point, and as we get amongst the local row boat fishermen, on anchor off Tofo, bang again – more for the pan – a little yellowfin! Then as we pull off again, bang! A little couta! So from broke to even on little Rapalas and feathers, and not a touch on the live bonnie?! ¬†That’s Mozambique!

2 thoughts on “Fishing on Honeymoon!

  1. Hey Sean, this looks lekker. Theo still talking about it and his incredible stay at our place

  2. Definitely still talking about it and dying for some more fish, real fish!!!!

    What an incredible time we had. Thank you everyone!!!

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