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Fishin’ in the Rain at Umzimkulu Adrenalin

Fishin' in the Rain down on the Umzimkulu River in Port Shepstone

Fishin’ in the rain at Umzimkulu Adrenalin

Fishin’ in the rain: we have got you fisher folk covered!

Yes it’s raining! Again!

But check out our huge riverside tent – right on the edge of the Umzimkulu River estuary. In Port Shepstone. KZN South Coast. Where the salt comes right in. Bringing the shoals of inshore gamefish that we all love to catch. Rockies. Kingies. Grunter. Perch. Have all been coming out consistently. In between floods, that is!

Although it’s raining, the river is not flowing hard. The high tide is pushing saltwater right up to us here at Spillers. Where the fishing has been great. You can sit in comfort and out of the rain (or sun), and fish all day with our Day Pass. And we have a unique and tasty Egyptian restaurant, right here too!

Live bait is the right way. There are plenty rock salmon in the estuary right now. This week we were checking things out way up river, where there is not one atom of salt anywhere. Looking around on the 3D finder, we saw so many fish and even baitballs in some of the deep patches. And as we returned to trailer the boat – there a local guy is handlining a proper fish in, that he had just hooked on a live mullet. The water was so brown we could not see what the fish was until it was on the bank.

Rock salmon!

Rock salmon caught on live mullet 7kms up the Umzimkulu River in the pure fresh floodwaters. Zero salt. This was on Monday.

Finding these beautifully powerful and aggressive fish all that way upriver in the pure fresh, makes you wonder just how far they actually do go?

Another kilometre? Up the next two rapids? Or way up around the next few pools and bends where it’s totally untouched and full of amazing rock features right in and around the river valley up there. It’s uncharted really. And we need to get up there and fish.We can spend the night no problem. We have all kinds of boats, kayaks and things here at Umzimkulu Adrenalin.

Garlic n Naan

And we are extremely stoked to announce that we are lucky enough to have an Egyptian themed and flavoured Halaal restaurant, right here on the premises. So you can check in here for the day. Catch some live bait. Throw out a few lines. We have restrooms. And you can order delicious freshly cooked food!

You’ll need to use the app to order, but we have wifi if you need it. You can click right here, to get to the Garlic n Naan menu. Or the big Menu button below.



So, there is something to emphasise however.

This is not a walk-in style restaurant. You need to order ahead on the App. Or you will have to wait for quite some time for your food. Since all the food here is freshly baked and cooked.

We do offer takeaways. Order on the App, and select your pickup time, at checkout. Cash, card or EFT.

But with the Umzimkulu Adrenalin Day Pass, you will even have your own table to enjoy your food with the fantastic views we have here.

When you visit on an Umzimkulu Adrenalin Day Pass, you get a table with a view. So not everyone has to fish. Ladies can enjoy the tented lounge area. And all the amenities here. Kids love the place.

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