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First marlin for Marcus Zerger! by Duarte Rato

First marlin for Marcus Zerger. By Duarte Rato on on Bazaruto, Mozambique
Father & son, Otto & Marcus Zerger from Germany joined us for 5 half days and we caught a few wahoo, Yellowfin and pulled hooks on a Marlin on the first morning, the 5th of November. The next day we started fishing for gamefish on light tackle early morning and within 5 minutes caught a cuda. We then lost a big Yellowfin tuna and when moments later we caught a 2.5 kg YFT tuna we decided to put it out as live bait for Marlin. It was a slow 2 hours as we made our way south. At around 10h00am and seeing there were absolutely no surface signs and I could see a distinct thermocline in about 40 meters on my sounder I decided to put the bait on a downrigger at that depth  Well, it was a good move as within 10 minutes we had a strike and hooked up to a 300 pound Black that put on a Great show. Marcus jumped in the chair and within 25 minutes brought his first ever Black Marlin for a tag, a quick photo and a release…

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  1. Wow Duarte, looking back over these posts just amps me up so for this next season…see you on that cauldron again soon!

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