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Diversity Scuba dive report from Tofo

Diversity Scuba ‘s Jamie Edwards reports in…

“Just a little update on what went down on the dives yesterday. Visibility is back to that beautiful blue water!!! Morning dives were Manta Reef and Galleria, starting with Manta Reef. Dropping down we came across a large Loggerhead Turtle, 5 Leaf Fish scattered all around the reef, 2 Crocodile Fish, a Devil Ray passing over us and to finish the dive a huge Giant Manta Ray playing below us! Onto Galleria for our second dive. The same as the first dive, as in coming across a little Bowmouth Guitar Shark on the drop. Throughout the dive we were also followed by a Devil Ray which at one point 3 others joined up and proceeded to play around above us. Once again to finish off the dive we were visited by another Bowmouth Guitar Shark, however this one was a big one! As we had started to ascend at this point we just watched him swimming around below us, still an amazing creature to watch! Once again amazing dives :)”

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