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Dive Report: Tofo, Inhambane

In from Jamie Edwards in Tofo…

“During the course of the day we visited Galleria twice and both of them were amazing! Starting off with the first one this morning. At the moment there is not to much current but just enough to give you that perfect drift dive as well as a slight temperature increase which always helps. We encountered a fairly large potato grouper on the drop point who was extremely curious and actually followed us for about 10mins! A few of the divers got a closer inspection from the potato grouper, coming right up close and seemed to be peering into you eyes, amazing! Then a short visit from a Spotted Eagle Ray as well as a Giant Manta who cruised slowly pasted us! Along the bottom of the reef we managed to find one of the Sea Moths which is always a special find. Now for the second dive. Just off the back wall of the drop we found a resting Loggerhead Turtle who seemed very relaxed to have us there. We also then found the same Sea Moth and just before we arrived at the cave found another Loggerhead Turtle swimming slowly out into the deep, always a beautiful sight. Just before we started to leave the reef we stumbled across a huge Bowmouth Guitar Shark! Unfortunately he didnt seem in the mood to hang around however still awesome to see! :)”

Special thanks to Jamie Edwards of Diversity Scuba

And a fresh report from today…

“Humpback Whales on Scuba this morning! Off we went to Salon this morning and what a dive that was! Started the dive off with a couple of the smaller creatures, 2 Cleaner Pipefish and 2 Samoan Pipefish when all of a sudden 2 Humpback Whales pulled in to say hello. They seemed very relaxed and we got to swim along side them for quite some time as they were just playing around. At least three times one of them went into the “sailing” position which was absolutely mind blowing to watch! After witnessing that awesome encounter we carried on to have a great dive none the less. Kuhl Stingrays were scattered all over the reef, found a Spotted Guitar Shark, one Crocodile Fish, big variety of Nudibranch’s and a school of Giant Reef Squid at the end. Also after the Humpback encounter we had a little Remora following one of the divers for the rest of the dive up until we reached the surface. What a fantastic morning! :)”

Keep it coming Jamie!

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