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Da Rocha Azul de Rei

Maybe this ones a Bluefin Kingfish? Duarte?
Maybe this ones a Bluefin Kingfish? Duarte?

Well, with my Dad and Darrell Hattingh on the boat, when the rod finally went, I said – “Who wants this fish!”.

They both just said – “No you take it”.

So there I was, finally actually fighting a fish myself. Wierd!

And what a fight – these guys pack a punch – even on a couta stick – it took 20 minutes. We could see the fish 30ft down but it wouldn’t budge.

We also got a big bonnie and swam it live until it died – earlier on we saw a marlin with it’s bill out the water acting strange. But no strike.

The water was 22.5 to 22.9 and really dirty – about 20ft vis.

The market was empty, so we actually did quite well…and yes, we will be eating this fish tonight.

A few local spearos also bagged a couple, there were plenty in that shoal!

Stay tuned!

Sean Lange

aka Shonalange

3 thoughts on “Da Rocha Azul de Rei

  1. Yeah Sean, definitely a bluefin kingfish (caranx melampygus) – strong & beautiful litte buggers. We get them a lot up here at Baz on the shallow reefs, biggest I have caught here was about 12 kg´s. They are so aggressive they take big poppers meant for GT´s, they also love small spoons. They tend to be quiet territorial so we have a 100% release policy on them.
    Nice one and good luck for the season…
    It´s on fire up here, will send you some pics and reports

  2. nice one Shonalanga- enjoy…

  3. Yo mate. Go catch those naughty fishies hiding in the deep blue… Only way to go from here is up! Suerte amigo.

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