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Smith family fishing…

It took a few hours to get the strike but the Smith family oldest Brad fought his first Couta like a commercial!
Young Tyron was the hero though – his awesome chumming technique got that fish to bite eventually.
Our sister boat skippered by Captain Paul Lourens came back with Couta and a bunch of tuna. Their early launch proved more successful than our late arvo call. We did see and chase them, but they were smashing the plentiful baitfish and moving at high speed in 35m area off the point.
Brad caught his fish on a halfbeak way out the back agitated with a float. Eddie got bitten off by a Couta that he deserved – on a lead florescent squid jig…fluorocarbon no match for those scissor teeth and Ryan threw his dropshot at the high speed Tuna with me in wild offshore and wet conditions.
A highlight was a big shoal of Couta swimming in pack formation at high speed, right under the boat and gone in a second. It was while pulling Rapalas and daisy chains with Tuna and Bonito jumping everywhere but we just could not get a strike on the lures.

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