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Carl’s Cracker

Carl's Cracker 30kg Black Steenbras
Carl's Cracker 30kg Black Steenbras

Sunday turned out alright for Carl Gouws in Port Shepstone…the whole day at sea…a bunch of beers…and this huge Cracker!

The cyclones of now, are having effect right down into the Transkei. Easterly swells, rain and brown water. But in between are some good spots and good opportunities. A few guys were throwing spoons in the Umzimkulu Mouth this morning, looking quite serious.  The bottom fish enjoy these easterly conditions. Wayne Marsh had a nice Dorado at Ski-boat Bay yesterday, says he tagged 7!

But generally the sea down here – has got that annoying patchy brown vibe, winds changing all the time, thunder and lightning, rain…”type 1″ cyclone conditions for the South Coast of KZN. Just waiting for the swell now…

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