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Bella Jankowitz´s biggest ever fish!!!

Bella Jankowitz´s biggest ever fish!!! by Captain Duarte Rato on Bazaruto Island

Bella's huge yellowfin tuna!
Bella’s huge yellowfin tuna, caught while fishing with Captain Duarte Rato on Bazaruto in Mozambique!

Despite the rough weather Bella, Carl jankowitz oldest daughter joined on a fishing day and after missing a few game fish finally come solid on a big tuna on one of the 30 pound bait sticks. Tuna are know to be deep tough fighting fish and this one certainly put Bella through a big marathon, but in the end and after a tussle lasting for almost 40 minutes she brought the fish within gaffing range and boated her biggest ever fish….by far!!! A beautiful 26 kg Yellowfin tuna that provided finger licking good sashimi for everyone…

Wahoo in the hood...
Wahoo in the hood…

Early summer as already brought in some really good game fishing with reports of big and lots of tuna, but as it normally does one of our favourite species as also arrived in good numbers and the wahoo fishing should really get on fire as we move into late September when fish exceeding 30 kilos are not uncommon. Here´s Alex, showing off with a nice fish caught this week!!!

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