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Explaining the 2023 Sardine Run Map

Explaining the 2023 Sardine Run Map

Announcing the 2023 Sardine Run Map: it’s that time of the year again! And the first few confirmed sightings have already been logged!

On the 2023 Sardine Run Map, which you can access right now, by simply clicking HERE!

Watch the explainer video right here

Check out the previous years’ maps…

2022 Sardine Run Map

2021 Sardine Run Map

2023 Sardine Run Map 

Right on your phone!

Did you know?

With just a few clicks, you can install The Sardine News as an app on your phone. And receive notifications of sightings and other goings on. As the Sardine Run 2023 unfolds.

The Sardine News app is a PWA (Progressive Web App), just like Twitter and Tinder are. It is super lightweight taking up only a tiny bit of space on your device. As the information is all in the cloud.

This just means that you just need to be online to receive updates and news.

To install…go to on your phone or tablet…

  • on Android phones, a prompt pops up sometimes asking if you would like to install
  • if it doesn’t, then you can use the browser menu (three little dots) to find the option to Install to Desktop
  • Apple is much the same thing
  • it even installed on my Windows 11 desktop!

If you choose to allow Notifications, BANG you are in the game! Each and every validated sardine sighting right to your cellphone or device.

Neva miss a single sard with The Sardine News.

Get right out there among it all with Umzimkulu Adrenalin. Fishing or ocean safaris. Even land-based tours this year!

Stay in the epi-centre of the KZN sardine run in Port Shepstone. At the Umzimkulu Marina. Self-catering and right on the bank of the Umzimkulu River. Full of fish and access to the ocean. Excellent fishing at the Sandspit.

If it’s fish you are after, MYDO Fishing Lures features in the Sardine News store. And has its own international website in USD at

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