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58kg Sailfish at 2 Mile Bazaruto…

hey brother,
last few days have been really good this side with some blue water patches amonst all the green water deep off V and VI mile where we have been finding some nice Marlin and loads of yellowfin action.
We caught Marlin 3 days in a row and lost some decent fish up to 800 lbs but let me tell you about the monster sailie we got.
The day started with light tackle conventional trolling and a game fish blast with yellowfin tuna coming in right, left & center with some bonnies and a couple of dorado for good measure. later in the morning when we got a bonito in 40 meters off V mile and even tough the water was pea soup green in the area we rigged a 20/0 circle hook and put it out as live bait. All it took was 10 minutes and we hooked to a nice Black about 700 lbs that put on a breathtaking show
before going down and sulking.
We put on the heat with the drag at 40 pounds and eventually got the fish up a second time and as it trashed on the surface it spit the bait which was probably in it’s stomach all the time – sure the circle had never found the corner. Twenty minutes of fun.
By noon things had gone a bit slow and we worked the top end of II mile hoping for another bait when one of the bait rods go, but this time a massive sailfish jumped on our stern. Really nice big fish that put on a tremendous fight on the light rod. Unfortunetly the fish was gut hooked and totally spent by the time it got to the boat and could not be revived. It weighted a whopping 58 kg.
We finished the day up north where we once again found some fast yellowfin tuna action up north and ended a great day with a Black Marlin release about 200 pounds.
58kg Sailfish (c) Duarte Rato
58kg Sailfish (c) Duarte Rato

The boys went 1 for 2 on Black Marlin yesterday. After a morning of game fishing they put a bonito live bait out off V mile which was taken by a nice fish about 700 lbs that pulled the hooks after 20 minutes. Then they caught a sailfish at II mile that unfortunately was gut hooked and died, it went a whopping 58 kg (128 lbs). Fishing in the lighthouse area in the afternoon they released a Black around 200 lbs.


58kg Sailfish (c) Duarte Rato
58kg Sailfish (c) Duarte Rato

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