Tofo Roundabout – 14 days of FUN


To make the most of your two weeks in Tofo and surrounds, join us and take advantage of more than a decades experience in the area. Weather and tides affect our day to day activities, as we carefully put you in the right place at the right time. For your surfing, fishing and diving holiday of a life-time, it’s better with us. We have boats, houses and transport. And will take care of you the entire time.


 Tofo Roundabout – 14 days of FUN (min 2)

It takes at least a week to get the most out of Tofo and surrounds, in Inhambane, southern Mozambique. So we do two week trips, to make sure. You can stay out here for less time, but our prices are the same for 10 to 14 day sojourns. Get in touch for a more customised experience. The price comes down with more people.

This package is designed for surfers, fishermen, divers and adventurers. To help get the most from your time here in Tofo.

Some of the fun you can EXPECT!

There is a lot to The Tofo Roundabout;

  • There is the huge Inhambane Bay (40x bigger than the Knysna Lagoon in South Africa). It features cooking warm water and a myriad of ocean animals from the huge dugong to the miniscule seahorse, with squid, fish, crabs…in between.
  • The deep sea fishing is epic and on a good day you can tussle with billfish, gamefish and bottomfish.
  • Snorkelling in and around the Barra area puts you on reef, deep channels, shallow flats – all full of a diverse array of marine animals – enough to keep you very, very busy.
  • Then when the waves come, surf at any one of a handful of world class warm water barrelling waves. For beginners – Tofo itself has the nicest and most playful right hand point break you could design.
  • Terra da Boa Gente, The land of the gentle people, applies to the local communities and the travellers alike. It is truly a great experience…much like the Florida Keys in the 60’s…according to those in the know.

Our accommodation options are varied and we move around plenty during the 10  to 14 days. We camp a few nights, on islands and deserted beaches, and do a fair bit of bushwhacking and off road living. It’s our itinerary though. We know the weather systems, the tidal variances, the local authorities and what to do with our budgeted time.

The Roundabout Includes:

  • Food and refreshments all day every day (not alcohol)
  • accommodation (rustic luxury)
  • Transport
  • Deep Sea fishing trip x 1
  • Rock n Surf fishing
  • Estuary fishing trip x 1
  • Island Safari (Panzy Island) x 1
  • Surfing (BYO surfboard)
  • Inhambane Tour x 1
  • Security and Guidance
  • Local Knowledge and Contacts

All you have to do is get to the Inhambane Airport and back again! Or you can drive yourself…no problem!

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