Umzimkulu Estuary Night Fishing


Target a wide variety of gamefish in the estuarine waters of the Umzimkulu River. Accommodation and night fishing included.


Umzimkulu Estuary Night Fishing

Estuary Night Fishing: Fish the night away with us! On our 26ft River Cruiser. Or our 16ft River Cabin Cruiser. All solar powered. We start the evening trolling the channels and dropoffs and then settle down to some serious bait fishing the night through, ending at the Umzimkulu Marina for sunrise spinning to gamefish.

UmzimkuluEstuary fishing at night...what's better?
Umzimkulu Estuary fishing at night

Greenspot kingfish and all sorts – and tarpon, have really have captured our attention lately. Distracting us from the grunter, perch, barbel, kob…that we catch more frequently. Sometimes even shad and other weird bait species (mozzies, razorbellies) move in to make things even more interesting, live bait wise.

At the moment we are dealing with some monster tiger prawns hanging around the slipway and under the boats at night.

You can sleep at some time during the night, if you want to…the boat is huge. Bring a camping chair or a mattress. Dress for every eventuality!

Chalet included

Included in the fee, is your own chalet at the Umzimkulu Marina. So in the morning you can catch some Zzzzz’s, a shower and a shave and back to reality. Checkout has been extended for you to 3PM.

Trophy fish like garrick and big salmon are dreamy but attainable quarries. A Zambezi Shark caught at Spiller’s Wharf, another at Royston’s and another taking a shore anglers perch and biting it clean in half. And just a few seasons back Chris Lepan of Umtentweni got a 40kg Zambezi on his live bait.

Chucking a sardine head out there with a light running sinker puts you in the running for just about any and every fish big enough to get the bait in it’s mouth. Grunter, rock salmon, perch, salmon (square tailed kob, daga, snapper), flagtails (flatheads) are all up for some juicy sardine blood and guts in a crunchy hard coating. Live bait is easy to get and almost always results in a proper strike…and then the lure fishing…seapike (pickhandle barracuda), kingfish (big-eye, yellowfin, giant trevally), oxe-eye tarpon, garrick, springer…artificials have been proving amazingly successful as we move into winter clean water conditions.

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But it’s the Rock Salmon that we are all really gonna be after as we move into summer. Readily chowing artificials in the Umzimkulu, they put a helluva argument and are really fast and powerful. And they won’t say no to a live bait either.

As you fish the night through, you will sense and sometimes even see as marauding gamefish brutally ambush smaller fish. The still water betrays their presence and you are often sight fishing at night time! Or sound fishing. You can often hear the kingfish coming as their splashes get closer and closer.

Estuary fishing is an art, so challenging yet so rewarding…put the time in, and reap the photographs!

We can bring a skottel with gas to make hot meals and coffee. Cooler boxes. And as much tackle as you think you need is no problem at all.


R950 pp single

R750 pp sharing

R650 pp sharing (4 or more).

The good ship Umzimkulu
The good ship Umzimkulu, on the Umzimkulu

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