Spearfishing Vilankulos


We can get you out into the clear fish rich waters just south of the Bazaruto Marine Reserve. Reefs loaded with pinnacles and canyons are plentiful all along the easily reached continental drop-off. Based at Vilankulos, we are a 30 minute run to the legal spearfishing waters. Loads more to do in the area. Islands. Town. Party.

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Spearfishing Vilankulos

Spearfishing Vilankulos: spearguns are banned in the Bazaruto Archipelego but if you bang out between the islands and turn right, you are in the clear! The very clear.

As the Mozambique current rubs up against the continental shelf literally a few hundred metres from the island barrier, it brings with it a host of huge predator fish. Marlin and sailfish. Wahoo and King Mackerel. Amberjack and Kingfish. Tuna and Cobia…including sharks btw.

Along this shelf, are dotted about pinnacles, some coming right up to 8 metres or less, some dropping off to the distant deep. Baitballs are common place, and there are very many spots to hunt fish. Including the shallows and surf zone, but mainly it’s the deeper reefs along the 20 metre contour.

Accommodation is self catering, usually right on the beach. Boats out front. Our camp is 6kms north of Vilankulos town. Overlooking Bazaruto, Benguerra and Margaruque.

This price is for 7 days and 6 nights. You have the boat and guide for 35 hours in total. That’s a lot of time out there, you can also use the boat for going to town, or the islands (you need to pay R100 each per day we go into the reserve). Extra boat hours are available.

Bring all your own equipment and spares. You will need longer guns and ropes. Heavier duty stuff that can hold onto the bigger fish we are going to encounter.

This tour is available from August through November each year. Pricing is for a group of four, which is the minimum. If your group is less, then we can adjust the pricing accordingly. Get in touch on umzimkulu@gmail.com.

If you need us to arrange your transport, get in touch on umzimkulu@gmail.com or call Sean on +27 79 326 9671 (WhatsApp preferably).


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