MYDO Luck Shots

MYDO Luck Shot/Silver Bullet

The all-new MYDO Luck Shot/Silver Bullet range are the perfect adaptation of the MYDO Baitswimmer’s proven and patented designs – to dropshot fishing.  The hydro-dynamically designed and moulded heads weigh in between an 0.7 ounce and 3.5 ounces, perfect for getting your softbait down and deep into the water column. And they make your plastic bait swim!

Unlike conventional dropshots, the MYDO has a through-rig leader perpendicular to the MYDO’s pulling face.  Creating opposing high and low-pressure zones around the head. This means ACTION!

These lures are articulated, and rigged with strong hooks that you can swop out in a flash. This means you always hook your fish in the top jaw or the corner of the mouth. Great for release or live bait fishing, unlike downward facing that trebles that destroy your fish every time.

The articulated design also stops the fish twisting the hook out of its mouth during the fight.

The lure is designed to be cast and jigged. It gives an amazingly lifelike imitation of a fleeing or injured baitfish. Depending on the retrieve, you get different swimming actions…

# cast into the surf zone or estuary, and ease it through the water with pronounced twitches – giving the Luck Shot Mini sharp direction changes, just what a kob or garrick want to see.

# drag along sand bottom slowly, tip twitching to throw up a sand cloud each time, attracting kob.

# throw it at a shoal of bonito or tuna and crank it on the surface for a wild plug like splash with smoke trail, also great for garrick and queen mackerel.

The Luck Shot/Silver Bullet lures can take any suitably sized softbait. Paddletail or split tail…and are easy to replace.

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