Recycling on the Plastic Fantastic tour

Recycling on the Plastic Fantastic tour

Recycling on the Plastic Fantastic tour with The Sardine News team.

We have had an amazing response from all the people we have encountered whilst on our Plastic fantastic tour of Southern Africa.

We have started with HDPE and LDPE, the two easiest plastics to recycle into just about anything you can make a mould for. These moulds have been the biggest challenge. We have started with wood carved moulds. Which actually work just fine. And which produced the two whale sharks in the featured image and below.

We are planning to tackle the huge plastic problem of PET, but at this stage, HDPE and LDPE, with their low melting point and mouldability, are our opportunity.

This all costs money. And The Sardine News has been funding the project, along with some philanthropic travellers that we have met along the way. This is the list of people and entities that have been kind enough to contribute in some form or another:

  • Fatima’s Nest
  • Dr. Oz Goffman
  • Len Mathews
  • Matty and Molly Edwards
  • Umzimkulu Marina
  • Mydo Lures
  • The Fishing Pro Shop
  • Lalaland Africa
  • Upstairs at Jenny

You can choose one of the following tiers of sponsorship, or make up your own:

Sponsor a video on YouTube – R1000

Sponsor a story on The Sardine News – R1000

Monthly sponsor – R500

Monthly sponsor – R1000


You could sponsor The Sardine News Plastic Fantastic Tour through Patreon. It’s easy and affordable to anyone, starting at USD 3 per month.

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And our YouTube channel has been documenting the Plastic Fantastic Recycling Tour so far. Starting in Botswana, we have moved through Zimbabwe and are now in Mozambique. The video series shows exactly how to melt and mould HDPE and LDPE, using the most rudimentary of tools.

In Botswana, we start out at the Tsodilo Hills, or Mountains of the Gods to the San people that live there, where we melted beer wrappers into all sorts of useful items.

And now in Mozambique, we are happily moulding HDPE mainly, into trinkets and useful all sorts. Keyrings. Clothes hooks. Clothes pegs.

You can see the video series at the link below, and please consider also subscribing to our channel.

How to recycle HDPE and LDPE plastics anywhere.

And finally, you could also contact me directly. Sean on, or WhatsApp +27793269671, to chat about working a deal where your support results in advertising on The Sardine News. For your business or anything, you might be selling.

By advertising with The Sardine News, you are directly helping clean the environment.

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