Nordins Lodge in Tofo

Nordins Lodge in Tofo

Staying at Nordins Lodge in Tofo puts you right in the action.

Dive boats launching out front will entertain you through breakfast. Join them if you would like to visit the whale sharks, manta rays and dolphins (amongst many other sea creatures), or catch a king mackerel or tuna for dinner.

Or you could take a surf lesson and enjoy one of the world’s best learning-to-surf beaches worldwide. Gentle waves and warm clear water make the learning experience easy and fun. You don’t even need a wetsuit!

And when you get good enough, head on over to the advanced surfing spots Tofinho and The Dragon, where you can join some really good surfing, and pick up some pointers. Just beware of the sharp rocks!

Nordin’s is 100 metres from the busy and colourful market in Tofo. You can get just about anything in Tofo these days – the village has come a long way and now even features a few supermarket type shops.

Connectivity is great in Mozambique, and cheap. There are three competing networks to choose from. Some work better in some areas so best look around before you sign up.

Nordins Lodge features en suite double rooms – with fans, a fridge, nets and all the items you could expect. There are braai areas in front of the houses, and an outside sink for catering.

Full security and off street parking.

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