Umzimkulu Estuary Fishing

Umzimkulu Estuary Fishing


Target gamefish in the Umzimkulu River in Port Shepstone. This healthy and heaving tidal river swells and drains with the tides that push through the Umzimkulu River mouth, flushing it out and carrying with it all kinds of fish, bait and organism.

Livebait is easily caught or netted, and is the effective option for hunkering down for the evening. We have a 28ft Cat with plenty space and cover, an ideal fishing platform.

However, the big action has been on artificials lately, as the river has recovered and now encourages gamefishes to visit, we have been having a blast trolling tiny rapalas and Mydo Luck Shots. Kingfish have been marauding up and down past the mangrove associates looking for pockets of bait to ambush. Those big prawns with the pincers have been prolific and can be seen crusing around the madflats in the winter clean water.

In summer the water goes brown but it does not slow the fishing. Grunter, perch and rock salmon feed in the day and night in this water, you just got to get a decent live bait, or chuck out a sardine head with the guts hanging free for a good chance.

Contact Sean on 079 326 9671 or, to make an appointment with the fish…


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