ShredderONE Plastic Shredder Machine

Everyone needs a plastic shredder. Every business. Every home. The complete re-use use of plastic starts right here. Shredding plastic into re-useable flakes and fibres. Is but the beginning. The very first, and least step, we can take.


ShredderONE Plastic Shredder Machine

Everybody needs a plastic shredder!

It’s a fact. Recycling plastic not only helps us reverse some of the damage already done to our beaches and marine life – but it also can generate income.
Or at the very least, provide an aggregate that can be used in construction projects. Bricks. Pathways. Floors. All can be augmented with recycled plastic flakes.

That come from a shredder, like ShredderONE.

This is our smallest shredder and is based on Dave Hakkens’ (Precious Plastics) in the Netherlands original blueprint. It can shred a good few hundred kilograms a day and using 10 to 20% of this in a concrete mix, works great. You can read more about the scientific opinions on doing concrete this way, right here. You can use any plastic for this application. Combined types are fine.

Or you can move up a level, and stay pure to one plastic, or the other. These are the next step applications you can take, they all start with an extruder, available here.

  • moulding trinkets, household goods (cutlery and crockery moulds here)
  • producing 3D printing filament (requires a bit more hardware, available here)
  • moulding bricks, beams, tiles and pavers (moulds available here)

The 360 degree use of plastic is entirely possible using this equipment. If you consider that a shredder, and an extruder, in current form, fits neatly in half a square metre, then as the demand and technology develops, so too can we have complete plastic recycling units in our kitchens. You could make spoons for breakfast, and knives and forks for lunch, and dinner plates for supper, all from the same plastic. This is the future we are referring to!

In the meantime, we have the facilities and resources, to produce the Dave Hakkens specification equipment, for you, or your business, right now.
The machinery is made to order. We are quite busy now but can deliver in one month, no problem right now.

Shredder ONE Specifications

  • VRM Hardox hard wearing steel blades x 12 in housing
  • Table mounted with bag holders under
  • 1.1kw AC motor
  • 28:1 reduction gearbox
  • Control box with emergency, and forward/reverse switching
  • Hopper and ram

This is a plug and play installation that runs on single phase, or three phase electricity.

It weighs about 120kgs.

Plastic Shredding Applications

Immediate applications are aimed at the urgent process of cleaning our beaches and ocean. After all, this is where the plastic all ends up. Plastic runs two metres deep on most of our beaches!

– lodges and restaurants: bottled water and other plastic packaged products pour into, and out of, these types of businesses. This plastic, instead of heading for landfills, can be shredded on site. And used as an aggregate in concrete mixes. Pathways, floors, and even bricks can include a percentage (10 to 20%) of plastic, and type.
– other tourism establishments: can incorporate plastic recycling as an activity for guests. Getting involved in beach cleaning is the “in thing” these days, and a revenue stream can be realised this way. By offering a “Plastic Recycling” experience, plastic can be collected (or purchased from locals), and these tourists can be educated with infotainment and fun activities. And see the plastic being recycled into bricks or other items.
– small business: anyone and everyone produces plastic. This is a great way to do your bit, starting in the workshop, kitchen, vehicle, boat…just a simple shredding and making construction material exercise is a huge help.
– municipalities: can sort and shred on site at the dump, and process into building materials or move into the extrusion phase to create revenue

All our machines carry a 12 month warranty. Get your machine to us and we will repair anything that might go wrong. You collect too.

Please feel free to get in touch. Sean on or +27 79 326 9671.

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