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Yamaha opens doors in Inhambane

Yamaha opens doors in Inhambane

Paul Cook, with a few decades in the outboard and boat industry, and a few more up in Mozambique, has been awarded the Yamaha agency for the Inhambane area. The premises is situated at the junction between Tofo and Barra.

Paul’s experience ranges through ship engineer, technical director, outboard technician and marine  and salvage consultant. An avid fisherman, Paul has many years experience in setting boats up for particular styles of fishing and commercial and recreational applications.

Mecanica Marinha carry the every day necessity products like oils and lubricants, plugs, impellors, propellors and the like, and have a quick turnaround time on parts ordered in. Record time for Mozambique!



Mecanica Marinha-Yamaha Inhambane

Josina Machel, Inhambane, Mozambique

Tel: (+258) 86 758 4569; (+258) 86 103 6971


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