Wedge Surfboards

Wedge Surfboards


Welcome to the Wedge Surfboards and Maisch Fins page on…

On this page you can find out about the Wedge operation, catch news and updates from Roosta and other team riders…and you can even order a surfboard!

Since the Umzumbe factory was fired up in the sixties, by the Maisch family, Wedge Surfboards and Maisch fins have been putting us in the sweet spot for decades. Creating their own unique forms and designs…to own a Maisch is to own a collector art piece…they have been at the forefront of surfboard innovation and design/construction, for eons – and even now – many models are still to be copied.


Flying the 5’0″ MPH down baby Supers changes your outlook on everything. It all becomes blurred at that speed…;-) Photo by Brucifire

The current series of hotcakes feature the Disco Biscuit 5 Fin Fang It, the MPH, the Johnny 4S…

A visit to the factory out in Umzumbe is a must for every surfer visiting the south coast. It’s like a surfing village in the middle of the African bush. A beautiful and lush farm setting, 20 minutes from Umzumbe, you can spend hours and days contemplating surfing craft and where it’s all a headed. Gary just loves a visitor and Justin and Hayley can sometimes be found doing admin in the office – but when the offshore is blowing hot and the red hot pokers have bloomed, rather find them all in the carpark at you-know-where.

Make-Your-Own-Board Sojourns feature Wedge as a choice of surfboard. Click here to learn more about how to build your own surfboard, under the guidance of the Maisch team. The package includes your brand new custom Wedge and fins, three weeks luxury accommodation, and guided surf trips up and down the KZN South Coast, with local surfers as the guides.

Order your custom Wedge here, submit the form and we will quote you.



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