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Tofo Scuba Diving Report by James Edwards

Diving daily with Diversity Scuba in Tofo, Jamie Edwards has agreed to keep us updated on sightings and conditions.

Over to you Jamie…

Just an update on the last few days diving here at Diversity Scuba. 20th: Kingfisher, once again Mantas are back! Had two Giant Mantas as well as two Giant Frog fish. Then hit Manta Reef, on this one we managed three Giant Mantas as well as a Bowmouth Guitar Shark! 21st: Started the morning with a dive to Robs Bottom, Smalleye Stingray on the drop, two Giant Mantas, one Giant Frog fish, one Jenkings Whiptail ray and also a Ribbon Eel. Next dive Galleria, one Whitetip Reef shark, one Blotched Fantail Ray, one Jenkins Whiptail Ray, four Devil Rays and 10 juvenile African Pompanos. Fantastic diving at the moment! 🙂

Jamie is a keen fisherman too and promises to tell us when the Snoek arrive. Tx Jamie, welcome to the team…

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