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Tofo Roundup October 2013

Tofo Roundup October 2013

Days of onshore at a time. The odd perfect day with clean conditions in between, and then to a blast from the south that starts promising but then soon swings towards the east – completing the cycle.

Local fishermen are getting premium prices as demand goes through the roof. The odd good weather window allowing for a few hours of fishing is a big opportunity that pays off for the intrepid. The fish have been of quality too, bigger couta, like this one pictured below caught by local angler Jamal – and more of those beautiful purple grouper – some are 20kg’s or more (bubble blowers not stoked). “Fish ‘n Chips” launching from Tofo have been having a good time with the couta.

Rumour has it that the more the south east blows through September and October, the better the billfish season will be. November is around the corner and all the signs are there for another good season of sailfish and marlin fishing.

It’s also the time for different species like this monster chanos chanos (above), also known as milkfish, and caught by local fishing champion Magulu. There are still whales in the bay and therefore cobia in the market, and wolf-herring too.

The hotel has opened up again – Tofo Mar – and is spectacularly finished and appointed. It’s not very busy in Tofo but everyone here is busily preparing for a runaway December. The name on the boat in the foreground means – “The poor man is not angry”.

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